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Geez, we were shocked by the power of yelp. If you have not experienced it, you should give it a go. If you just got socked in the nose with a negative review, lick your wounds and sing a new tune.

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It’s time to just face it, you have to think about managing your business reputation online. How? Start by managing it offline. Do everything you can to get only positive responses from your customers. More than ever, an unhappy customers (justified or not) can really hurt your business. Here are two secrets to help with yelp.

Secret Tip # 1:

Yelp doesn’t want you buy negative Yelp reviews for reviews. If they think you’re doing this, they won’t post the reviews. Don’t pay for reviews. AND DO NOT have your customers post reviews from your shop. As soon as yelp sees multiple reviews coming from YOUR ISP, you’re toast.

You can offer some simple and not expensive incentive to get your good customers to post reviews on yelp for you. Whatever you offer, it doesn’t have to be much. You’ll be amazed at how little it takes to push people to action.

Ask your repeat customers for advice on what you could do to improve your service. Listen, and act on their advise.

Secret Tip # 2:

You should be very grateful for the positive yelp postings from your happy customers. Make the most of them by really rewarding those customers who have already left positive reviews. Ask them to agree to a testimonial for your website, with a link to their yelp testimonial. Tell them you’ll reward them with something special, like a powerful coupon for their next repair.

Remember, yelp likes yelpers who yelp. If a person post one review about one business, then yelp assumes that was just your friend helping you out, and the review won’t be counted, and you won’t see it on yelp. Yelp also likes it, if an addition to having your business up on yelp, you also post reviews about other businesses.


Don’t blow yelp off because you got a bad review! Yelp is powerful, and it is the new reality. Play the game to win. Do everything you can to get tons of positive reviews on yelp. Please do not be tempted to write a negative review about your competition. Is that cheating, even if it is true? Yes, that’s pretty much cheating, even if it’s true. Don’t be negative in your thinking. Being negative, and doing negative


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