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There are many ways to handicap horse races but no matter how you do it, there are certain points you must take into consideration. The first and most important thing that you must consider is that nothing stays the same. Therefore, when using past performances to handicap you need to look at what was and try to imagine how it will change today.

Change is the second most important point 먹튀검증 you will have to take into consideration. Everything changes and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of racing. Animals are living and breathing creatures that are subject to the same physical laws that prevail in all of nature. They get stronger and round into form or shape and then lose that form. They are also subject to sickness as well as lameness and other physical infirmities.

Taking all this into consideration the horse player tries to find the best bet he can find. He must find a horse that is going to improve and that the other horse players will over look for some reason. There are two major reasons or points that horse players will miss a winner. First of all, there is the other horse.

If there’s another horse that looks better on paper or that catches the fickle public’s fancy, they may pass over a very good horse that makes it a good bet or even the best bet of the day.

Another reason is if there is a black cloud, such as a bad last race, or some reason to doubt the runner’s chances, such as a big unknown. For instance, perhaps the horse has mediocre grass breeding and it is switching to the turf today. Despite winning impressively on the dirt, the crowd may figure it will regress on the grass and pass it over.

These two situations make horses into best bets. A good bet isn’t a sure winner, it’s just a horse that will return a profit over time due to the odds that the public assigns to that one through the betting windows. Take into consideration the points mentioned above and then find a horse at higher odds than it deserves.

It will take courage to bet it because it has probably been knocked by one or more of the public handicappers. Just remember, however, that it’s their job to point out the flaws or drawbacks but they may also bet the horse themselves if the odds are right.


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